ACI JET: Global 7500 Case Study

Global 7500: The Project

Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft stands alone as the world’s largest and longest-range business jet. 

Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, a full-size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. 

ACI Jet tasked us with creating an animation for their Bombardier Global 7500. The brief of the animation project for the Global 7500 included the description of the task and main references such as drawings, mood inspirations, pictures, materials, and furniture.

With that in mind, we asked the client to provide us with as much information as possible.

The brief inсluded photographs of the product to understand how the light would pour into the place and what people could see from the exterior and the interior. 

ACI Jet: The History 

Headquartered on California’s Central Coast since its founding in 1998, ACI Jet is a recognized leader in private aviation services. 

Led by founder and avid aviator William “Bill” Borgsmiller, ACI Jet’s aviation ecosystem includes aircraft ground support services and fuel, maintenance and inspections, full-service aircraft management, and private jet charter services. 

ACI Jet ensures its clients’ mission success through the implementation of the latest aviation safety technologies and a leadership team composed of Aviators Doing Aviation™, aviation enthusiasts who know aviation from the inside out.  

Our Involvement

We created an animation featuring both the interior and the exterior of a Bombardier Global 7500.

In this project, we used lighting as a powerful storytelling tool.

Lighting plays one of the most important roles in the perception of design as a whole. It was very important to show different light settings in both the interior and exterior animations to showcase aircraft in its entirety. 

Lighting brings the animation to a higher level of quality. In this case, using both Unreal and 3D Max, our team created a realistic lighting scheme for both the interior and exterior of the Global 7500.

Using our 7-step process, we went from the script to the storyboard to the final HD renderings and postproduction in record time so ACI Jets could present the animation during NBAA 2019

Creating Highly Engaging Content 

To make sure we create engaging content that represents our client’s vision, we’ve designed a seven-step process that covers all bases, going from writing a script of the animation to video post-production. 

Paying Attention To The Client’s Needs

We put the clients at the front and center. During the course of the project, we conducted several live work sessions where we showed them our work methodology, dispeled all their doubts, and worked ensemble to create the best product possible. 

Coming Up With Creative Solutions

We played a consultative role in this project, helping ACI Jet with the conceptualization as well as the realization of the project. Our team worked closely with ACI Jet’s team, writing a script and designing a storyboard to capture their vision. 


  • A breathtaking animation ready for trade shows
  • Realistic lighting schemes
  • Quick turnaround 

“Working with KiPcreating was fantastic. Everybody communicated very well, very effectively. They delivered on time and the animations were amazing.”

David Jensen – ACI Jet

Global 7500: Visualization Highlights

Physically Realistic Leather and Stitching

In the Global 7500, we made sure we captured the right geometry and the correct look and feel of the leather. Our designers paid careful attention to seats, the materials, and the stitching, creating different stitching patterns for each seat.

global 7500 stitching

Illumination Changes In The Cabin

The lights in the Global 7500 are entirely dimmerizable, which means that they can vary depending on the seating. We wanted to reflect that in our animation, studying the behavior of the light in the cabin to replicate it in our animation. 

Accurate Materials and Textures

We made sure we used an accurate representation of each and every material and fabric in the plane. For example, we imitated the glossiness in the plane’s wood appliques as well as the metal, in both the interior and the exterior of the Global 7500.

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