KiPcreating Helps SkyStyle Jets Win The Yacht & Aviation Award 2018

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“The design brief for Concept Bliss created by Sky Style was to define an environment that one would never want to leave.”

Boeing Business Jets, one of the world’s leading aviation firms, and SkyStyle, an up and coming design firm, have won the Private Jet Design Concept at 2018 Design et al, International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Held in Venice, Italy, the International Yacht & Aviation Award saw some of the leading design firms in the world of yachting and aviation gather together to give recognition to the top designers, builders, and suppliers of the aviation and yacht industries.

Concept Bliss is directly inspired by elements of mother nature. The sky, stars, clouds, the sand beach, elements we will always be in love with. 

The design is easy to read and integrates side panels and headliners seamlessly with only a few lines flowing homogeneously with the balance curves. 

The concept does not start from polarizing inspiration themes; instead, it focuses on situations most people like, as such divinely given things. 

The designers found it important to create the design to be applicable to different platforms, carrying over individual components such as seats and smaller accessories.

We worked closely with SkyStyle’s interior design team and created a set of visuals, an amazing animation, and a stunning VR interactive walkthrough that showcases the beautiful interior and offers clients three different options of color and trim.

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