KiPcreating Helped Sotto Design Win The Best Private Jet Concept in the IY&AA 2017

“Sotto Studios looked at how they can leverage more texture, scent and natural materials in an aircraft. Capture the solitude and privacy, the romance of the wide-open spaces. And after all, aren’t the skies the last frontier of privacy?”

The skies are the last frontier of privacy. 

When Sotto Studios came to us to help them make their SkyRanch concept come true, we were instantly hooked. 

If we could define the SkyRanch, we would say that it is a complicatedly simple design. A design that exudes luxury, but, at the same time feels inviting and cozy. Like a ranch. 

Sotto’s main inspiration for this design was modularity. They aimed at giving the owner of this beauty a design they can toy with and tinker with. 

Also, the firm sought inspiration from “the layering of European saddles (…) bleached woods, woven leather, inlaid horn, English wool and other rich materials that are smooth to the touch.”

That seamless continuity is what experiential design is all about. 

From the Bison horn beer tap, hammered copper sink, and inlaid onyx counter, the story is there but never gets in the way. 

We’re glad we helped Sotto Studies win the International Yacht & Aviation Award with our visualizations!

Take a look at these breathtaking pictures and immerse yourself in a whole new level of luxury:

Want to see more from the SkyRanch?

Check this video Business Insider did and see it for yourself

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