How KiPcreating Helped Sotto Design Win Best Private Jet Concept at the 2017 IY&AA

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The skies are the last frontier of privacy.

When Sotto Studios reached out to us about their SkyRanch concept, we were instantly hooked. And we were thrilled to help make this concept a reality.

We’re honored to have developed a hyper-realistic visualization for Sotto’s SkyRanch concept. Even more so since this shining example of masterful design won the International Yacht & Aviation Award in 2017.

Want to see it for yourself? In this post, we’ll introduce you to the highlights of this groundbreaking project.

The Client

Sotto Studios is an iconic California-based creative studio. Founded by multidisciplinary designer  Edward “Eddie” Sotto, the company produces innovative solutions across domains, constantly renovating its vanguardist status. 

The Brief

If we had to define the SkyRanch, we would say that it is a complicatedly simple design, that strikes a perfect balance. SkyRanch exudes luxury, while being inviting, cozy, and personal – like a ranch.

Like all masterful designs, SkyRanch tells a story, through its carefully conceived details. From the Bison horn beer tap to the hammered copper sink, and the inlaid onyx counter. The story is there but never gets in the way of comfort.

With its masterful integration of rare and valuable materials, Sotto did justice to its diverse and perfectly selected influences. The firm sought inspiration from “the layering of European saddles (…) bleached woods, woven leather, inlaid horn, English wool and other rich materials that are smooth to the touch.”

The SkyRanch concept also has modularity at its core, which is a challenge in itself when there’s so much going on, and such a strong story guiding every last decision. But the study’s intention wasn’t just to give the client a perfectly balanced design that they can’t toy with. Every detail, material, and shape makes up a language that the client can work with to adapt the aircraft according to their taste and needs.

Our Solution

SkyRanch’s exotics, careful color balances, and extremely precise details required particular attention and constantly cross-referencing real-life textures and spaces, for maximum accuracy.

In this project, our team took their tools to the extreme, perfectly assembling every last detail. From the lightning of the cabin during the day to the slight wrinkling of the seat’s rare leather.

Private Jet Concept Highlights

“Sotto Studios looked at how they can leverage more texture, scent, and natural materials in an aircraft. Capture the solitude and privacy, the romance of the wide-open spaces. And after all, aren’t the skies the last frontier of privacy?” – Design et. Al

3D Visualization Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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