KiPcreating Helps Boeing Business Jets and SkyStyle Win Another International Yacht & Aviation Award

For the third time in a row, KiPcreating helps Designers, Completions, and Manufactures take home the International Yacht & Aviation Award.

Boeing Business Jets, one of the world’s leading aviation firms, and SkyStyle, an up and coming design firm, have won the Private Jet Design Concept at this year’s Design et al, International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

This interior is full of sweeping lines and curves that recall rolling hills. 

Held in Venice, Italy, the International Yacht & Aviation Award saw some of the leading design firms in the world of yachting and aviation gather together to give recognition to the top designers, builders, and suppliers of the aviation and yacht industries.

This year, The Boeing Company and SkyStyle, our clients, submitted an awestriking entry: A new concept for the BBJ Max 7.

According to Lucas Carbone, SkyStyle’s Director of Design.

“In a 3D environment, you’re not only measuring; you’re also perceiving reality. You’re perceiving if the space that you need is exactly that one or if you need more.I think VR is one of the best ways in which we could verify that. We also got the results much faster than we would have with any other visualization methods.”

The Genesis concept draws inspiration from nature and from the skies themselves, including starlight detailing overhead.

The color palette is evocative of a cloudy white-sand beach, its ceiling is decorated with LEDs that evoke stars in the night sky

Relying on grays, blues, and dark woods, with silver trim, Genesis recalls the aesthetic of the opening of the Ridley Scott film Prometheus at Iceland’s Dettifoss waterfall.

And, like the film, Genesis transitions quickly into space-ship sleek.

Throughout the plane, spaces transform at the touch of a button, including a wine-glass rack that lowers from the ceiling and a partition that unfolds itself to separate the office and owner’s cabin from the rest of the plane.

We worked closely with SkyStyle’s interior design and created a set of visuals, an amazing movie, and a stunning Virtual Reality experience interactive walkthrough that showcases the beautiful interior and offers clients three different options of color and trim.

We’re happy to have helped The Boeing Company and SkyStyle SkyStyle win the award, and we look forward to winning more awards in the future!

You can see all the other winners here!

Don’t forget to visit our portfolio.

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