KiPcreating will be at EBACE 2019

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KiPcreating will be in EBACE Geneva 2019 showing a new, immersive VR experience for Boeing Business Jets and Embraer. In EBACE 2019, we will bring to life the company’s newest concepts where you will be able to experience the plane like never before.

The European Aviation Conference & Exhibition (EBACE), returns to Geneva from May 21-23. Like last year, we will be there.

This time, our team will show two different VR experiences.

One for Boeing Business Jets, showcasing their Genesis concept for the Max 7.

Genesis features a fully immersive experience where the clients can interact with the award-winning airplane interior.

Genesis VR experience enables clients to change the airplane’s color and trim and interact with the interior in real-time.

Clients can turn on and off the lights, open and close trays, and select between different styles.

For Embraer, and its recently ANAC-certified Praetor 600, we have another experience under our sleeve.

Praetor 600 VR experience offers an immersive environment where the clients can interact with the aircraft’s interior and exterior.

Our experience also features a fully customizable, animated VR interior where clients can change the design and color scheme.

For us, it’s another opportunity to show everybody how a VR experience can change the way you see an aircraft.

Our CEO, Max Pardo, and our business development team will be accompanying our clients and guiding our VR Experiences.

See you at EBACE 2019!

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